Sports Betting Exchanges – Top 4 Review 

If you’re looking for a sports betting exchanges review, you’ve come to the right place!  In our table below, and the following summary we’ve set out a brief guide and sports exchanges review.  Or if you’re looking for details on the sign up promotions available at betting exchanges, skip directly to our free bets and promo codes page (T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only).

The top 4 exchanges are Betfair Exchange, BETDAQ, Matchbook, and Smarkets.  If other review or best betting exchange comparison sites try to tell you within their sports betting exchanges reviews that spread betting sites are in fact betting exchanges, they are not.  Overrounds will be in some cases as high or higher than a bookies, accounts likely risk gubbing, and there may well be stakes limits imposed.

Sports Betting Exchanges Review – Best 4 Table:

Sport Betting Exchange Review TableBETDAQ LogoBetfair LogoMatchbook LogoSmarkets Logo
Sports Betting Exchange AttributesBETDAQBetfairMatchbookSmarkets
Sports Betting Exchange Market Quantity:HighVery HighHighHigh
Other Betting Markets:MediumHighLowVery High
Market Liquidity:HighVery HighHighHigh
Overrounds:LowExtremely LowVery LowLow
Exchange Commission Rate:0% -> 2%2% -> 8%2%2%
Exchange Website Interface:Very GoodVery GoodVery GoodExcellent
Mobile Betting Apps?Android App
iOS App
Android App
iOS App
Android App
iOS App
Android App
iOS App
Start Price Bets?(XSP)(BSP)
Other Services?Sportsbook
Live Casino
Poker Room
Live Casino
Exchange Trading Software Availability?HighVery HighMediumVery Low
Exchange Betting Bots Availability?HighVery HighHighVery Low
Promotional Offers:Very Good
SAT’s 0%
Low -> GoodLowLow
Player Protection:GAMSTOP
Gambling License:UKGC
Geographic Availability:GoodGoodGoodGood
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T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only
T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only
T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only
T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only

Sports Betting Exchanges Review – Summary

We hope you found plenty of useful information in the sports betting exchanges review, best 4 table above.  For a brief summary of significant differences, and which gambling exchange may be better for different purposes like sports exchange trading, betting bots, or just for website and inhouse betting app use, read on for details on what sets the Betfair Exchange, BETDAQ, Matchbook, and Smarkets sports betting exchanges apart.

If you would like to see free bets and promo code details right away, including a full list of what’s on offer at Betfair, BETDAQ, Matchbook, and Smarkets we have a page, just for that!

Betfair Exchange Review – In Brief

Opened in 2000, the Betfair Exchange is currently the worlds #1 sports betting exchange available online.  The exchange has the highest number of betting exchange markets amongst all online gambling exchanges and also offers the best liquidity within these sports trading markets.  Inline with the massive liquidity available to gamblers, are also the tightest margins between the back and lay sides of individual markets, thus offering the lowest overround figures and best odds available anywhere online.

Betfair Exchange - Homepage
Betfair Exchange – Homepage – windrawwin, live score betting, quick access. (Click, to enlarge image)

The horse racing betting, greyhound betting and football betting markets are absolutely pumped full of liquidity and can take bets of any size, within reason.  Alongside the win, place, each way horse racing markets and match odds windrawwin football markets are the usual over under 2.5 markets, some additional racing double markets and AvB.  Almost all sports markets available on the Betfair Exchange, turn inplay, to offer gamblers inplay trading with live stats in a lot of markets.

Betfair Exchange –  EPL Leeds vs Liverpool - windrawwin view, live score betting.
Betfair Exchange – EPL, Leeds vs Liverpool – windrawwin view, live score betting. (Click, to enlarge image)

Betfair Exchange has a tiered commission running from 2%-8% depending on which exchange tier punters choose to take advantage of.  The 2% tier is a no frills option ideal for sports traders and betting bot users who aren’t too interested in free bet offers or cashback races, with the 8% commission tier offering gamblers a more sportsbook-like range of promotional offers and rewards.  Please check our free bets sign up promo codes page for more details.  You will still get all the signup promos with the 2% tier, it takes 2 minutes to switch tiers after signing up.

Not only does Betfair offer an exchange as detailed in the sports betting exchanges review table, there’s also a Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, and Poker room available for punters, should they fancy taking a break from the sports exchange.  Betfair have free bets promo offers for all of the aforementioned for new users, even included with the 2% tier!  You can visit Betfair Exchange promo sign up (T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only) page directly.

The Betfair Exchange has android apps and iOS apps available, not only for the exchange but also Betfair’s Casino, Live Casino, Poker room, and Sportsbook.  The apps do a good job of providing all the functionality you’ll find on the website interface.

Also hosting the best range of API software available amongst all of the sports betting exchanges, the Betfair Exchange is an obvious choice to make for any gambler wanting to use exchange trading software or exchange sports betting bots to make use of a more advanced platform for sports exchange betting, or to automate their exchange betting and trading.  A conventional start price bet is available, the BSP or Betfair Starting Price is present in horse racing betting markets, and for greyhound betting, much like that offered by traditional bookmakers.

Betfair Exchange has a base list of licensed countries allowed to gamble, trade, use betting bots, and sports trading software via the exchange API, that currently looks like this: United Kingdom | Ireland | Australia | New Zealand | Brazil | Croatia | Romania | Sweden, so there’s plenty of room for growth yet, which will mean more sports trading markets and better liquidity! 

The Betfair Exchange is available for players in many more countries than those listed above, click through our Betfair promotional signup link (T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only) to see if accounts are accepted in your country. 

Is the Betfair Exchange something you’d like to get involved with?  For details on promotions currently available on the Betfair Exchange, BETDAQ, Matchbook, and Smarkets, checkout our current sports betting exchanges promotional sign up offers comparison page.

We hope you enjoyed reading this brief introduction to the Betfair Exchange, if you would like to read a much more detailed article on Betfair’s sports betting exchange please read our full Betfair Exchange review here. [INNERLINK]

BETDAQ Review – In Brief

Also opened in the year 2000 is the BETDAQ exchange, now owned by Ladbrokes.  BETDAQ has a great website interface which is extremely quick and easy for users to navigate.  There’s a high quantity of exchange betting markets with good market liquidity and low overrounds. 

As mentioned in the sports betting exchanges review table BETDAQ’s commission comes right down to 0%.  BETDAQ holds a Super Saturday, Every Saturday with 0% commission across all exchange traded sports markets they have available.

BETDAQ – Homepage – windrawwin, live score betting, quick access.
BETDAQ – Homepage – windrawwin, live score betting, quick access. (Click, to enlarge image)

On top of this, BETDAQ charges no commission, that’s 0% commission on any market other than football betting markets, horse racing betting markets, greyhound betting, and cricket betting markets.  This incredible promotion from BETDAQ is valid, 7 days a week, Monday through Sunday!  Unfortunately, as with the Super Saturday 0% commission, it’s not available to players using API betting bots and API exchange trading software.  You can visit BETDAQ’s promo signup page directly here (T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only)

BETDAQ – Champions League, Man City vs RB Leipzig – windrawwin view, live score betting.
BETDAQ – Champions League, Man City vs RB Leipzig – windrawwin view, live score betting. (Click, to enlarge image)

Should players want to take a break from gambling and trading on the exchange, BETDAQ also has a Casino and Sports Pools available.  Also available, is their own sportsbook for punters wanting to place more complex multiples bets like a Trixie, Yankee, Canadian, Heinz, Lucky 15, Lucky 31, Lucky 63.

As per the sports betting exchanges review table above, BETDAQ does offer a Starting Price, the BETDAQ XSP or Exchange Starting Price, which is mainly offered on horse racing betting markets, greyhound betting markets, and football windrawwin gambling. Only the horse racing and football match odds windrawwin betting markets go inplay for inplay trading and live score betting however.

BETDAQ – Horse racing betting market – XSP & Inplay trading.
BETDAQ – Horse racing betting market –With XSP, Inplay trading. (Click, to enlarge image)

For gamblers and traders wanting to use sports betting exchange trading software and sports betting bots software, BETDAQ is 2nd only to Betfair’s Exchange, in this department.  There is a good selection of options available for both sports trading software and exchange betting bot software.  Check out our exchange trading software and sports betting bot categories for more details on the specific exchange API betting software options available.

BETDAQ has both an android app and a BETDAQ iOS app available to trade on the exchange, available at the Apple App store or via a QR code on their website for the BETDAQ Android app.  The apps not only offer access to the sports betting exchange, but also the BETDAQ sportsbook, casino and sports pools.

The BETDAQ exchange is licensed to operate in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Jersey and Gibraltar.  BETDAQ does however offer accounts in a much wider range of countries, to check if accounts are accepted in your country check the promotional offers sign up link below or visit the BETDAQ promotional free bets signup page directly (T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only).

That’s it for the brief introduction to what the BETDAQ exchange has to offer, if you’d like to get signed up right away you can find a link directly to their promotional offers page in the previous paragraph, this includes the 0% commission BETDAQ promotion, which requires no opt-in, and some free bets too! 

We also have a sports betting exchange sign up offers comparison page to check out, which takes a closer look at all of the top 4 betting exchanges’ various signup promotions, to see how BETDAQ’s promo offers lineup against Betfair, Matchbook, and Smarkets.

Alternatively, if you would like to read our full in depth BETDAQ exchange review article, please click here. [INNERLINK]

Matchbook Review – In Brief

Established in 2004 Matchbook offers a good alternative to the casual sports trader or betting bot user.  While the exchange trading software and exchange gambling bot options available are nowhere near as wide as those available for the Betfair Exchange, and BETDAQ, there is high quality software available, for both automated betting and sports trading.

Matchbook – Homepage – windrawwin, live score betting, quick access.
Matchbook – Homepage – windrawwin, live score betting, quick access. (Click, to enlarge image)

The market liquidity at Matchbook’s exchange is high, and they host a good selection of markets and events for more popular exchange traded sports.  Horse racing, football betting, greyhounds and tennis are all available both pre-market and for inplay trading.  As the liquidity is high, overrounds are also very low, with cricket and golf betting markets being well traded inplay too.  Matchbook exchange commission is set to 2%, making them on par with most rivals.

While Matchbook’s betting exchange doesn’t have start price betting on horse racing and greyhound betting markets like Betfair’s BSP and the XSP on BETDAQ, the prices available usually offer a slightly higher overround and ratio between the back and lay sides of the market, prior to market close or turning inplay for live score betting, especially football betting markets.

Matchbook – Spanish LaLiga, Real Madrid vs Celta de Vigo – windrawwin view, live score betting.
Matchbook – Spanish LaLiga, Real Madrid vs Celta de Vigo – windrawwin view, live score betting. (Click, to enlarge image)

There is an iOS Matchbook app available on the Apple App store, and the Matchbook Android app is available from the Google Play Store or via the Matchbook website.

Matchbook doesn’t have a sportsbook, so those wanting to place multiples bets may be disappointed.  They do however have a Casino and Live Casino for players wanting to take a break from the sports betting exchange to spin a few reels or play a few hands on their casino tables.

Exchange users on Matchbook are mainly from the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Finland, and Norway.  Matchbook however accepts customers from over 40 different countries, so it’s worth clicking through the promo sign up link to see if Matchbook allows accounts in your country.

For new players Matchbook has multiple signup bonuses and promotions, if you’re wanting to get involved right away here’s a link direct to the Matchbook bonus and promo sign up page (T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only).  Or checkout our sports betting exchange signup offers comparison page, to see how Matchbook’s promotions compare to the Betfair Exchange, BETDAQ, and Smarkets joining offers.

TheBetMatrix.Win also has a more detailed full Matchbook review, which you can click directly to here. [INNERLINK]

Smarkets Review – In Brief

As TheBetMatrix.Win is focused not only sports betting exchanges, but also the additional gambling bot software and betting apps available for advanced gambling exchange use via exchange API’s, we would only recommend Smarkets to users who are only wanting to use the betting websites own interface and the inhouse Smarkets Android app, or Smarkets iOS betting app. If that suits your requirements check out our in depth review [INNERLINK] or if you want to get signed up right away you’ll find a link to the Smarkets sign up promotion page here (T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only).

You’ll see in the picture below that the Smarkets website homepage for the bet interface is very good indeed, offering live charts of inplay and pre-market price moves. 

Smarkets – Homepage – windrawwin, live score betting.
Smarkets – Homepage – windrawwin, live score betting. (Click, to enlarge image)

Smarkets has lowish overrounds, good market liquidity with a betting exchange commission rate of 2% which matches that of the Betfair Exchange, and Matchbook.  BETDAQ too (assuming you’re NOT betting on football markets, horse racing betting, trading greyhounds or gambling on cricket as BETDAQ charge 0% for all other markets apart from those aforementioned, and also offer a 0% commission on ALL markets every Saturday) who also charge 2%, some of the time.

Matchbook – EPL, Manchester Utd vs Newcastle – windrawwin view, live score betting.
Matchbook – English Premier League Match, Manchester Utd vs Newcastle – windrawwin view, live score betting. (Click, to enlarge image)

Accepted territories for Smarkets betting exchange accounts are, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Malta, New Zealand, Sweden.  Many other countries are available for account registration however, so if you would like to register please follow this link directly to the Smarkets promotional signup page (T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only).

Or to see how Smarkets sign up promotion stacks up against the other top 4 exchanges in this brief review, check our sports betting exchange review promotional signup offers comparison page.

We also have a full more detailed Smarkets review containing much more information on the Smarkets betting exchange which you can find here. [INNERLINK]

Sports Betting Exchanges Review – Conclusion

First of all, if you’re just looking for some free bets and promotional sign up codes with the sports betting exchanges check out our betting exchange promotions comparison table which lists all the info required.  Or for a more in depth summary of what we’ve covered in our sports betting exchange review, read on.

Betfair Exchange, the largest and oldest sports betting exchange seems an easy choice to make for anyone wanting to take advantage of the huge range of API betting bot and exchange trading software available.  And from what we’re revealed in our sports betting exchange review, it would be the correct decision to make.  Check out Betfair’s website for free bets & promo codes (T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only).

BETDAQ’s 0% commission promotion (T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only), and the high availability of both sports market trading software and betting bots would make them a good alternative, and second choice to the Betfair Exchange.  Perhaps also a good starting point for those not wanting to use API betting software. There is however a piece of free API sports trading software available with almost all the features you’ll find in a lot of paid gambling software, for those wanting to get used to sports trading and API exchange software this may be the correct route to take, as BETDAQ also has a minimum stake of $/€/£0.50

BETDAQ is the only exchange other than Betfair to offer starting price bets with their XSP in horse race gambling and greyhound betting markets.  Also, the ONLY exchange which has a start price, XSP for match odds windrawwin football betting markets. 

While the liquidity and overrounds away from the horses, greyhounds and bigger football betting markets like the Premier League isn’t quite as high, what BETDAQ seem to do a good job of is hand picking the markets most punters will want to trade inplay or pre-market and run betting bot software on.  Take a look at BETDAQ’s free bets signup page (T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only).

For more advanced traders and sports betting bot users, Matchbook may be considered for those wanting to cash in on the higher overrounds figures with some of the more advanced football betting bot software.  With an easy to use website interface, Matchbook could also be a good starting point for anyone new to sports betting exchanges too.  There are some great sign up bonuses and free bets available at Matchbook T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only).

While Smarkets is lacking in any good quality betting exchange API software for sports trading and inplay live score betting, they do have an excellent website with a great windrawwin match odds stats display, although the overrounds are higher than you’ll find elsewhere and there isn’t so much liquidity in some markets. If you would like to give Smarkets free bet offers a go, you can go directly to the Smarkets promotional signup page (T&C’s Apply, 18+ Only).

All the exchanges in our Top 4 sports betting exchanges review & comparison will time after time provide gamblers with much better odds by up to 50%-200%, than available anywhere else online.  If you’ve already made your mind up, head over to our betting exchanges sign up promotions page to make sure you get the right link, free bet codes, and land on the correct page to receive the best betting exchanges joining promos available.

For anyone still unsure and looking to use betting bot software or exchange trading software we have specific categories just for this!  Or if you would like to find a service provider for live data stats to assist live score betting on football markets, look no further than here.

We hope you enjoyed reading our sports betting exchange review of the top 4 betting exchanges currently online.

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