Introduction – Live Football Stats Scanners Reviews & InPlay Trading

Live score betting is becoming more and more popular, especially inplay football betting.  The majority of bets placed on football matches are now placed when the games are inplay.  Sports betting exchanges and bookmakers offer live football stats, and betting for each individual inplay game.

There is a limitation to the punter however, the inplay football stats are only displayed on a per game basis.  So if you’re using a mobile betting app or viewing the games via a desktop browser, you’re limited to the amount of different games’ live football score and stats data that is on your display.

Several websites are now available to punters offering a full inplay football betting interface displaying all live match stats and scores for currently inplay games, in a single neat inplay live game stats betting heads up display interface.  Find your own football tips and predictions with the use of these tools!

Users are also able to set live match stats data criteria that will provide live notifications.  These notifications will trigger when your football betting strategies criteria, for live or historic match stats metrics are met.  So if you’re looking for football tips for today, all you need to do is sit back and wait for the live alerts.

Alternatively, live Telegram channels are available with predetermined tips & predictions, such as BetBugler’s Premium Tips. While BetBugler’s live tips have an incredibly high strike rate, with live notifications that are easy to set up to receive the inplay football tips. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to move right back on to the best inplay football scanners online!

Namely, the websites we’ll cover in this live football scores and stats websites review are:

Traditionally, websites are limited to live football scores and stats using a per match interface.  For example, or, offering inplay match data and a list of the currently inplay matches live scores, and an upcoming fixtures list.

Now there are a new generation of live football scores and stats websites, and services. These inplay betting sites have taken the usage and display of live match stats a step further, and offer a whole host of additional features.

Most of the inplay football stats sites offer some form of data relating the competing teams historic results.  Others have a full backtesting historical match data facility.  So inplay football betting strategies can be simulated against not just historic match results, but also historic inplay football stats data.

Sounds impressive?  Well, the features of some of the sites covered in this top 4 live score betting & live football stats services and  oddscheckers, are very impressive indeed.  We’ll go on to take a closer look at each of the live scores and stats sites individually, using the following review criteria:

  • Live Score Football Stats & Odds Data
  • Pre-Match Betting / Historic Football Data
  • Football Betting Strategy – Live Stats & Historical Data
  • Backtesting Football Results and Statistics
  • Historical Football Data & Inplay Live Score Betting Alerts
  • App Availability / Football Betting Bot Integrations
  • Any Additional Features or Services
  • Price / Subscription / Support

The inplay stats and historic data services and features each site boasts are all slightly different, as is the pricing.  Some sites have several subscription tiers, each offering a different level of features.  With any luck by the end of this article, you’ll have found the right live score betting service that fits your individual needs and requirements.

Some services integrate with sports betting exchanges to get the best odds available online, others are focused on bookmakers, hosting more exotic football betting markets and odds.  Regardless of which service you choose, the bets resulting from the live football scores and stats alerts can obviously be placed anywhere you like.

Depending on which inplay football stats alerts service you sign up to.  The resulting bets can even be placed automatically via football betting bots.  All of the services we’ve reviewed provide live alerts and notifications when any of your preset betting strategies criterias are met.

Read on to find out exactly what each individual live match stats alerts and inplay trading service has to offer.

Table of Contents – InPlayGuru Review

InPlayGuru offers what is arguably one of the best inplay football stats scanners & betting interfaces around.  While they’re missing some features other live score betting scanners offer they appear to have picked out the most important football statistics and features, and laid it all out in an easy to use pre-match and inplay betting interface.

The live football stats and pre-match data service covers over 1700 leagues and 30’000 teams from around the world.  InPlayGuru delivers both sports betting exchange markets, and more exotic bookies football betting markets combined on a single inplay scanner, for use with built in inplay trading and betting strategies, pre-match bets and trades can also be monitored using the scanner.

InPlayGuru’s custom betting tools for usage with the live match stats inplay data include:

  • Inplay Football Scanner (fully interactive)
  • Betting strategy creator/builder & simulator 
  • Pre-game Schedule & notes
  • Live betting strategy notifications

All are updated, live and in real time as the live football scores and stats come in from around the world.  InPlayGuru aims to keep their pre-match and inplay betting interface updated by the second.  They offer free access to the InPlayGuru pre-match and live football stats service, with 100% FREE ACCESS AVAILABLE!

InPlayGuru - Homepage
InPlayGuru – Homepage. (Click, to enlarge image)

At InPlayGuru they have combined sports betting exchange and bookie’s football betting markets into one single pre-match and live football data and stats scanner, with betting exchange markets taking priority. This is likely due to the enhanced football betting market attributes available, such as market volume, and of course the better odds available with exchanges.

InPlayGuru - Live Score Scanner Betting Exchange League Filtered
InPlayGuru – Live Score Scanner, Betting Exchange League Filtered. (Click, to enlarge image)

If you’re only interested in sports betting exchange’s football markets, it takes a few seconds to add a filter so the InPlayGuru live match stats scanner only displays Betfair Exchange markets.

You can head right over to the website and sign up for the InPlayGuru 100% free deal to check the pre-match data, live scores, stats and betting strategy configurations available, within the football betting service they have on offer.

Alternatively continue reading for some finer details on what’s on offer, in our InPlayGuru review.

InPlay Scanner, Live Football Stats & Odds – At InPlayGuru

The inplay betting odds and live score stats on display within InPlayGuru’s inplay scanner are on par with all other similar football betting services.

InPlayGuru - Live Score Inplay Momentum Popup Tooltip
InPlayGuru – InPlay Momentum Indicator, Popup Tooltip. (Click, to enlarge image)

What a lot of users may see as the most important feature, the momentum or pressure indicator is available with a tooltip popup displaying a graph of the games inplay statistics along with every other live score and stat metric you would expect to find from a live score betting interface.

The InPlayGuru momentum indicator uses a combination of shots on target, shots off target, dangerous attacks and ball possession to calculate a momentum indicator value for each team, which is neatly displayed in the tooltip popup.

InPlayGuru - Live windrawwin 1X2 & Over Under Odds
InPlayGuru – Live windrawwin 1X2 & Over Under Odds, Tooltip. (Click, to enlarge image)

A similar tooltip graphical popup is also available for the windrawwin 1X2 match odds price movements.

Over under score betting market prices are also available, just as a numerical value however.  Over under goals market volume and odds are available from the +0.5 market, right through to +6.5 in some markets, along with 1st half over unders goals markets.

InPlayGuru’s market volume data comes directly from the Betfair Exchange’s API, the market prices for the windrawwin 1X2 match odds and all the overs unders markets come from Bet365 however.  So if you’re using a sports betting exchange to place bets, users can expect to get significantly better odds.

InPlayGuru - Goals Minute, Tooltip
InPlayGuru – Goals Minute, Tooltip. (Click, to enlarge image)

Each individual inplay live football stat can be filtered using over 20 different criteria, be those shots on or off target, corners, dangerous attacks or number of yellow and red cards.

Tooltip popups are available for every live football stat on offer.  Hover over the current score, shot on or off target, or any other inplay stat and a tooltip will display the exact minute that specific event took place.

Via the InPlayGuru live score scanner each and every match and team attribute, be those inplay stats, team form, or match details and info columns, can also easily be hidden on un-hidden from the inplay betting HUD too.

InPlayGuru - Sports Betting Exchange Market Volume Tooltip
InPlayGuru – Sports Betting Exchange Market Volume, Tooltip. (Click, to enlarge image)

As mentioned earlier, the InPlayGuru live football stats scanner caters for both sports betting exchange markets and more exotic markets only available on bookies.

This can easily be filtered so the inplay scanner will just display sports betting exchange markets, there’s a tooltip popup available displaying market volume on the exchange liquidity column too.

Alongside this, InPlayGuru has a full league filter available, allowing their inplay scanner to be filtered down to any specific leagues the user wants on their live score scanners heads up display.

There is also an option just to display the inplay matches live football stats from just the last 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes, to give users a better idea of which games the most action is currently taking place in.

Pre-Match Betting / Historic Football Data – At InPlayGuru

Not only are tooltip popups available for inplay stats and data, InPlayGuru have also integrated historical football data into their live score scanners main interface too.

InPlayGuru - Home & Away Team Form Tooltip
InPlayGuru – Home & Away Team Form, Tooltip. (Click, to enlarge image)

Hover over the teams form and a full heads up display will popup, detailing a whole host of pre-match statistics and analytics, along with both teams previous results and their head to head history.  Win, Draw, Loss, BTTS percentages along with goal averages, scored, conceded and match totals are all available for the last 5 and 10 home and away matches.

InPlayGuru - Home & Away Teams Tooltip
InPlayGuru – Home & Away Teams, Tooltip. (Click, to enlarge image)

InPlayGuru also has a tooltip popup displaying team data when hovering over the teams currently inplay, in any specific game on the live score scanner.

The competing teams league positions, the games venue and name of the manager, stadium, including the stadium capacity are all on display.  In most cases even a weather report is on show from the match location.

Football Betting Strategy – Live Stats & Historical Data – At InPlayGuru

InPlayGuru offers users the ability to create football betting strategies using any of the aforementioned inplay game statistics, historical match data, and even create unique league filters applicable only to individual betting strategies.  Sports betting exchange market volume and odds can also be integrated.

InPlayGuru - Football Betting Strategy - Simple
InPlayGuru – Football Betting Strategy – Simple. (Click, to enlarge image)

Betting strategies can be created using just live inplay match data, or historical game data, and market price and volume data.  Or using a combination of all of the historical data, inplay game stats, volume and current odds combined.

When a betting strategies conditions are met, be that a pre-match or a live score inplay betting statistics strategy, the InPlayGuru inplay scanner will display a notification on the heads up display.

InPlayGuru - Football Betting Strategy - Advanced
InPlayGuru – Football Betting Strategy – Advanced. (Click, to enlarge image)

The InPlayGuru strategies builder contains a number of preset inplay and historic data betting strategies to get new users started with.  Also integrated with the InPlayGuru football betting strategies builder is a very useful function that we’ll provide details on in the backtesting football statistics and results section up next.

Up to 50 different live football scores and stats strategies can be configured and used on the live match stats available on InPlayGuru’s inplay scanner, per account.  This can however be increased by request, in increments of 100 at a minimal additional cost.

There are endless filters and rules that can be applied to betting strategies, far too many to mention all of them in our InPlayGuru review.  The best thing to do is take advantage of the InPlayGuru, FREE FOOTBALL SCANNER DEAL and check out what’s available.

Backtesting Football Results and Statistics – At InPlayGuru

While no actual backtesting results and statistics feature is available at InPlayGuru, they’ve implemented a slightly different feature.  Each strategy, while producing an alert, will also record the eventual result of the match which triggered it.  This allows users to simulate betting strategies without actually placing any bets.

InPlayGuru - Football Betting Strategy History
InPlayGuru – Football Betting Strategy History. (Click, to enlarge image)

As the football betting strategies setup on InPlayGuru are able to be preset with the intended match outcome and betting market result subscribers are looking for, matches which meet the live score stats and historic data conditions to trigger the strategy are settled automatically as a win or loss on the strategies history page.

Once matches have been settled or ‘auto-striked’ there is a strike rate metric available for that specific betting strategy along with a fair odd value which indicates to the user the average odds that would be required by the specific football betting strategy, in order to make it profitable.

This is all done on a per betting strategy basis completely automatically, so you can easily see a breakdown on how each individual strategy has been performing, using the InPlayGuru strategy history feature.

InPlayGuru - Football Betting Strategy History - League Breakdown
InPlayGuru – Football Betting Strategy History – League Breakdown. (Click, to enlarge image)

There is also the additional option to breakdown and filter each strategy’s performance on a league level, providing a league level strike rate and fair odds value.  This allows users to fine tune their betting strategies performance, using the data from the strategy history breakdown page to list the most profitable leagues.

In our example the betting strategy results have not been filled, and as such the strike rate and fair odds values are empty.  But once done, users of InPlayGuru can easily build a list of the most successful leagues, and apply that to a new InPlayGuru pre-match or inplay betting strategy.

Alternatively, this feature makes it easy to fine tune existing betting strategies to receive live, and more importantly, higher strike rate inplay alerts.

InPlayGuru - Football Betting Strategy History - Match Stats
InPlayGuru – Football Betting Strategy History – Match Stats. (Click, to enlarge image)

Besides the eventual score and result of the match, the half time and full time stats are also recorded within the InPlayGuru strategy history tab.  Also available is the odds graph for the 1X2 windrawwin market, and the momentum indicator index graph.

All the pre-match and inplay betting data generated by the football betting strategies is available for download in Excel, csv and Open/LibreOffice format, so if you’re up to speed with spreadsheets the data is there to apply any number of additional formulas or calculations to.

This also opens up the opportunity to import the data into advanced betting tools such as The Staking Machine, and use your InPlayGuru betting data to run staking simulations against, to increase profitability even more.

Historical Football Data & Live Score Betting Alerts – At InPlayGuru

At InPlayGuru pre-match and live inplay betting alerts are available in several forms.  These being:

  • Browser desktop popup notifications
  • Telegram
  • eMail

These inplay football stats alerts can be configured in a variety of manners.  Each betting strategy can be muted or receive the alerts on a per strategy basis. 

As such subscribers could have a ‘live’ set of strategies sending out inplay betting alerts, and another set of ‘test’ football betting strategies, data mining and logging the inplay and historic football data strategy triggers they have in place.

App Availability / Football Betting Bots – At InPlayGuru

Unfortunately InPlayGuru doesn’t yet have any mobile inplay or pre-match statistics or alerts apps available.  Subscribers could however set up notifications for the received betting strategy alert eMails, on their mobile device, or do the same with the telegram alerts.

Telegram is available for:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

So you won’t miss a single InPlayGuru pre-match or live betting alert!

During our InPlayGuru review we found that they don’t yet have any football betting bot integrations for live or pre-match automated betting with sports betting exchanges or bookmakers as yet.

No doubt, at the pace InPlayGuru are releasing new features, this along with the introduction of mobile apps, will be something they’re planning on integrating with the live football scores and stats service at some stage.

Additional Features or Services – At InPlayGuru

As InPlayGuru seem to be offering a service which is very reasonably priced for the functionality provided, the only additional feature on top of the live score and pre-match betting tools is an odds converter.

As we previously mentioned in our InPlayGuru review, the live match stats service’s primary focus is on sports betting exchange’s football markets which default to decimal odds.  More exotic matches which don’t have associated exchange markets available, are also available however, so this may come in handy for those wanting to bet on these markets with bookmakers.

Almost every football betting market available at sports betting exchanges will be available with the bookies, so InPlayGuru’s inplay scanner and live betting strategy alert system should suit all.

Price / Subscription / Support – At InPlayGuru

A 100% free tier is available to all new users at InPlayGuru, no card is required, signup takes a matter of seconds.

InPlayGuru hosts a help and support system including a ticketing system for any subscribers experiencing difficulties, or with any other questions.  We found their football betting platform to be extremely quick, easy to use and configure.  But, if you get stuck the support is there if required, and has an extremely quick turnaround.

We’ve done our best to cover what’s available in our InPlayGuru review, but to really see what their pre-match & live football scores and stats service is capable of, you need to get signed up and logged in to InPlayGuru to test out what they have on offer first hand. – Goal Profits Review

While hosting a live score betting inplay football match stats scanner, Goal Profits offer a slightly different service to the live inplay stats site we reviewed thus far.

The Goal Profits service is intended exclusively for sports betting exchange users.  Be that the Betfair Exchange, Matchbook, BETDAQ, or the Smarkets exchange.  Goal Profits focuses on pre-match and inplay football trading rather than user defined strategy alerts, and notifications to provide inplay football tips.

If you’re not signed up to an exchange yet, we have an article containing all the latest sports betting exchange free bet promo codes and sign up promotions.

On offer at Goal Profits are the following:

  • Live Stats Module (LSM) – InPlay Betting Scanner
  • Quick & Pro Live Football Stats Filters
  • Football Statistics & Trends databases
  • Pre-Match & InPlay Betting Shortlist Creation Tool
  • Access To Pro Football Traders Shortlists
  • InPlay Trading Strategies (For Beginners, Intermediate Traders, and Advanced Trading)
  • Live InPlay Football Trading Chat Room
  • Pre-Match Scalping Module
  • Launchpad (A pre-match and inplay trading learning centre, from the Basics to Advanced level trading strategy)
Goal Profits - Homepage
Goal Profits – Homepage. (Click, to enlarge image)

We’ll go on to provide further details within our Goal Profits review, of exactly what all of these individual services offer for the subscriber.  If you’re interested in trading football markets at sports betting exchanges, then Goal Profits is the right place for you.

For those wanting to get involved right away, Goal Profits has a 14 day trial for just £1. Click through the link to take advantage of this all access trial.

InPlay Scanner, Live Football Stats & Odds – At Goal Profits

Goal Profits hosts an LSM (Live Stats Module), which is a live football scores and stats scanner, similar to those from other providers.  While their inplay match scanner misses one or two of the features that you’ll find with other inplay trading scanners, their Live Stats Module has some other unique functionality that other inplay football scanners don’t include.

Goal Profits - Live Score & Stats InPlay Trading Scanner
Goal Profits – Live Score & Stats InPlay Trading Scanner. (Click, to enlarge image)

Goal Profits offers subscribers predefined betting strategies which may be suitable for trading matches on their Live Stats Module.  Strategies are available for inplay traders using sports betting exchanges, from beginner level, right through to advanced level inplay football trading.

Along with encouraging users to create their own live football match stats notifications, the Goal Profits Live Stats Module displays suggestions on which of these predetermined strategies may be applicable to matches on the inplay scanner.  These are based on the current live football stats and scores, and also historic match, and team performance data.

You’ll see within the alerts column in the Live Match Stats LSM scanner, Goal Profits LSM advises on trading strategies to be applied to the games which are currently inplay.

Configurable on the Goal Profits inplay scanner, are either current half, or full match stats.  The last 5 or 10 minutes game stats are on display, depending on the user’s preference.  This is along with all the usual live match stats you would expect to find on an inplay scanner, such as shots on/off target, possession, corner, dangerous attacks, etc.

There are two types of filters available for users on the LSM, one predefined, and one for the pros:

  • Quick Filters
  • Pro Filters
Goal Profits - LSM Live Match Stats - Quick Filters
Goal Profits – LSM Live Match Stats – Quick Filters. (Click, to enlarge image)

Quick Filters: The LSM can be configured for matches meeting each individual betting strategies criteria from beginner through to advanced, to be hidden or displayed. 

There are also a number of preset filters based on inplay match data, and Goal Profits in house match pressure Rtg rating, along with a match location and first or second half option.

Goal Profits - LSM Live Match Stats - Pro Filters
Goal Profits – LSM Live Match Stats – Pro Filters. (Click, to enlarge image)

Pro Filters: Goal Profits offers up to ten unique set’s of pro filters.  Each of these filters can be configured individually using any of the inplay stats data displayed on the LSM, along with pre-match and inplay market prices pulled from the Betfair Exchange API.

Currently the only market prices supported are the match odds 1X2 windrawwin prices, and the over under 2.5 goals market.

The Goal Profits LSM’s in house ‘Rtg’ metric on the scanner, is to highlight attacking intent. When one team has a significantly higher rating than the opposition, this indicates that they are actively trying to score. If both sides are displaying low ratings, this indicates the game is very quiet and any potential inplay trade may be delayed.

This information is incredibly significant to all games on the scanner, the Goal Profits algorithm used to calculate the rating is a very closely guarded secret! 

Goal Profits - LSM Rtg Tracker & Inplay Stats
Goal Profits – LSM Rtg Tracker & Inplay Stats. (Click, to enlarge image)

If the rating is seen as medium or high for either side, the ratings figure will be highlighted so users don’t miss a thing. Both full match stats and the last 5/10 minutes have their own rating values, and a popup is available with an Rtg rating tracker.

Matches being traded inplay can be added to the ‘My Games’ list with a single click, enabling users to monitor just the matches they are trading.

We mentioned earlier in this Goal Profits review that the Live Stats Module, or LSM offers some unique functionality that other inplay scanners are missing.

Probably the most noticeable unique function on the LSM are the alerts when subs are made, not only does the Goal Profits inplay scanner notify users that a substitution has been made, but details of the substitution are also given.  Depending on the players being substituted, the match stats scanner will provide info on whether the substitution was an attacking, or defensive sub.

Alongside this, time added on/injury time in both the first and second halves is displayed when the game is coming towards the end of the current half.

As this is a sports betting exchange live score scanner, the odds the Goal Profits LSM displays are from the Betfair Exchange, along with the market liquidity figures provided by tooltip popups when hovering over the over unders markets, or the 1X2 windrawwin match odds.

Pre-Match Betting / Historic Football Data – At Goal Profits

Goal Profits offers two types of pre-match betting. One using historical data from their team stats database to place bets and make trades, and also pre-market trading using their Pre-Match Scalping Module.  We’ll provide details on both in our Goal Profits review.

Historical Match Statistics & Scheduled games 

Goal Profits - Historic Team Stats
Goal Profits – Historic Team Stats. (Click, to enlarge image)

The team stats database at Goal Profits hosts a full array of betting statistics for all of the most popular inplay betting markets.  It’s available from the ‘Stats’ tab on the main menu.

Each game that will be available on their Live Stats Module is listed here, along with its corresponding league, and kick off time.  Stats can be filtered for the last 5, 10 or 15 games, with the default being all matches played in the current season.

Each upcoming Goal Profits LSM’s fixtures statistics are available for games, up to a full week in advance.

Also available to users, is the Goal Profits ‘Build Your Own Shortlist’ feature.  This contains sliders which allows users to refine fixture lists, in order to build a shortlist of games, for potential pre-match bets, or inplay trading using the following football match statistics attributes:

  • Half Time 0-0
  • Full Time 0-0
  • Probability of a First Half Goal
  • Probability of a Second Half Goal
  • Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Probability
  • Over 2.5 Goals Probability
Goal Profits - Historic Match Stats Shortlist Builder
Goal Profits – Historic Match Stats Shortlist Builder. (Click, to enlarge image)

As pictured, games can also be filtered by location, European A, European B, European C, European Summer, Americas, Africa/Asia/Middle East.  A minimum number of games that must have been played in the present season can also be set, to qualify for the shortlist.

Goal profits has a massive amount of live football scores and stats historic data available for their subscribers.  On top of the above they have current season, and long term trends databases for each country and league.  Containing statistics for windrawwin 1X2 match odds markets, over under markets from 0.5 to 3.5, average goals per game home, away, and total.

These match data statistics are available for 90 minutes, the first half and second half.  And can also be filtered by location using the same criteria mentioned above.

You really need to get signed up and logged in to Goal Profits, to see the amount of data they have available for subscribers.

Goal Profits - Scheduled Games Tab
Goal Profits – Scheduled Games Tab, LSM. (Click, to enlarge image)

The Goal Profits Live Stats Modules ‘Scheduled Games’ list also includes direct links to the associated Betfair Exchange markets.  The red and yellow warning symbols indicate that there are recent changes in a teams management and coaching at the club, and that traders might want to use some caution if getting involved with a pre-match or inplay trade.

Details on any players missing from the lineups, and also the full squads are listed on the LSM’s scheduled games tab when closer to kick off.  Even the reason players aren’t available is provided here, be that suspension or the nature of any injury.

Goal Profits - Live Stats Module - Team Line Ups
Goal Profits – Live Stats Module – Team Line Ups. (Click, to enlarge image)

This information is also available once matches are inplay on the Goal Profits Live Stats Module.

And what is most likely the most important part of the scheduled games tab, the ‘Potential Trades’ column.  This uses data from the historical stats databases, and pre-match odds values for the various betting markets, to outline any of Goal Profits pre-match and inplay trading strategies, which may be applicable to each individual one of the upcoming days fixtures.

Pre-Match Scalping Module

The Goal Profits Pre-Match Scalping Module is designed to take advantage of pre-match price movements and secure a profit with minimal risk. Once the price has moved users can lock in a free bet using a trade out bet, or green up for a guaranteed profit. 

Goal Profits - Pre-Match Scalping Module
Goal Profits – Pre-Match Scalping Module. (Click, to enlarge image)

This can then be used for inplay trading to provide cover using the locked in profit or free bet.  Or as a lot of Goal Profits subscribers prefer, just bank the profit!

In the Spanish La Liga example pictured, there was a clear price crossover then a significant movement in the 1X2 windrawwin match odds market prices closer to kickoff.  It would have been relatively easy to secure a pre-match trade with a nice profit here.

On the face of it the module appears very simple, but the price can obviously go in either direction.  Goal Profits has a detailed guide on exactly how to use the Pre-Match Scalping Module, with over five different strategies which will suit most pre-match betting exchange market price movements.

Football Betting Strategy – Live Stats & Historical Data – At Goal Profits

Goal Profits has inplay and pre-match trading strategies for beginners, intermediate traders, and advanced trading.  These inplay trading strategies cover every part of the match.  From the full time outcome, to the first half and second half outcomes.

Goal Profits - InPlay Trading Strategies
Goal Profits – InPlay Trading Strategies. (Click, to enlarge image)

The live football stats trading strategies which may be applicable to inplay matches are displayed on Goal Profits Live Stats Module.  You’ll see in the screenshot of the LSM, specific Goal Profits football betting strategy names displayed in the alerts column.

As pictured, the betting ‘Strategies’ tab displays all pre-match and inplay trading strategies available to Goal Profits subscribers.  A click on any of the strategies displayed on the betting strategy page will bring up a schedule of upcoming matches which suit that specific strategy, based on historical match stats.

Goal Profits - Betting Strategy, Qualifying Match Schedule.
Goal Profits – Betting Strategy, Qualifying Match Schedule. (Click, to enlarge image)

The full strategy details are available on the same page as the betting strategy’s schedules themselves, below the qualifying match schedules.  Included on these pages are also example trades by Goal Profits in house pros using the specific strategy to make trades.

As mentioned previously, Goal Profits in-house pro traders also provide their own inplay trading match shortlists with details of the specific strategies which may be applied to them.  Also, the scheduled trading sessions in the chat room use specific Goal Profits football betting strategies on the games selected by their in-house pro’s.

Backtesting Football Results and Statistics – At Goal Profits

Unfortunately, there is no actual football match data backtesting tool available at Goal Profits.  As Goal Profits is mainly an inplay trading website, this isn’t really required.

All the football betting strategies within the Goal Profits strategies section, have obviously been tested and proven profitable when used correctly, including the specific live strategy alerts which are displayed on the Live Stats Module.

There is a huge amount of match and team stats pre-match and historic inplay data from the Live Stats Module available on the Goal Profits website.  This data is available for download in spreadsheet format, so should users wish to run their own macros against it, backtesting is made possible.

Historical Football Data & Live Score Betting Alerts – At Goal Profits

As Goal Profits is aimed at inplay trading rather than being a live score football betting alert service, eMail/Telegram alerts/reminders are all that are really required.  These are combined with three different audible alerts, which include notifications for the quick and the pro filter.

While trading alerts via a mobile app may be preferable to some users, unfortunately these aren’t available.  Telegram and eMail can of course be configured on any device, to provide the necessary alerts.

Users are able to use the shortlists builder or live stats module scheduled games tab, in order to set eMail/Telegram alerts for any specific matches they’re planning on monitoring or trading inplay with Goal Profits.

Subscribers also have an alerts option for use with the quick filters and pro filters, on the live games, and my games tabs within the Live Stats Module. 

Alerts can be enabled within the LSM settings, which will trigger alerts when matches appear on the LSM that have met any of the predefined inplay trading strategies criteria, or one of the pro filter sets.

Each of Goal Profits strategies from beginner through to advanced can have alerts enabled or disabled on an individual basis.  The same applies to the LSM’s quick filters, and additional filtering options relating to current scores, including the live stats modules Rtg ratings preset filters.

App Availability / Football Betting Bots – At Goal Profits

While there are no specifically designed Goal Profits apps, almost all pre-match and inplay traders use sports betting exchange trading software.  For more details on the software available to trade football matches inplay check out our exchange trading software category.

Sports betting exchange trading software is available for most of the top betting exchanges.  The Betfair Exchange, BETDAQ, and Matchbook all have trading software available from various different providers.

For those wanting to bet on mobile devices the Live Stats Module has a mobile version which a link can be found to at the bottom of the Goal Profits LSM page.

Additional Features or Services – At Goal Profits

Goal Profits feature their own inplay trading chat room, from here they run scheduled chat room trades and trading sessions with the Goal Profits resident pros.  For those unable to make it to the scheduled trading sessions, pro-traders shortlists on matches their planning to bet on and trade inplay along with the intended betting strategy are available.

Price / Subscription / Support – At Goal Profits

Goal Profits offer a £1 for 14 days initial trial deal which allows users access to almost all of the features we’ve covered in this Goal Profits review.

For those suitably impressed with what’s on offer at Goal Profits, monthly, quarterly and annual membership plans are also available, each with an additional discount.

For users seeking support in using the Goal Profits platform, they have a FAQ section covering more basic questions new users may have, and also offer full eMail support for all users.  Questions are also welcomed in the Goal Profits chatroom.

It’s initially recommended by Goal Profits that users make use of their ‘Launchpad’ inplay trading learning workshop.  This contains sections from the basics of football trading, trading for beginners, intermediate trading, right through to advanced inplay trading.

That’s it for our Goal Profits review, if you’re looking at getting into inplay trading for football, Goal Profits really do have all bases covered.  And with the £1 for 14 days trial deal, this offers users just enough time to have a good look around what’s on offer. – Statistic Sports Review

Online since 2013, Statistics Sports offer what is most likely the most advanced and feature packed live football scores and stats services currently available online.  If you opt for their mid tier or top of the line package, every single live score betting, pre-match & historical inplay stats feature will be available for you, including their back tester tool!

In a nutshell, The Statistic Sports football betting and predictions platform covers the lot, and more.  The days of trawling the internet and social media for daily football tips and predictions are over.  Statistic Sports provides subscribers with everything they need to generate their own unique inplay betting and pre-match football predictions, live alerts, and notifications.

Statistic Sports - Homepage
Statistic Sports – Homepage. (Click, to enlarge image)

Statistics Sports boasts 5 years of historical football data, a full 7 days of scheduled match stats data and a 95% live game with inplay betting statistics coverage.  Their available tools for usage with these pre-match, and live scores and stats data include an:

  • InPlay Scanner (fully interactive)
  • Pre-game Schedule & tools
  • Pre-game match stats & tools
  • Live betting strategy notifications
  • Strategy Results Spreadsheet
  • Backtesting football betting strategy system
  • Android & Apple Apps

That’s quite a suite of inplay betting and pre-match trading tools to get your hands on.  Simply put, a lot of these betting tools cannot be found anywhere else online.  The Statistics Sports website is available in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

If you’re wanting to get involved right away, they have a 7 days free trial for the fully featured top tier package, including full documentation and user guides to get you started.  We have also arranged an additional discount for TheBetMatrix.Win readers who sign up, either click through one of our Statistic Sports links, or enter the discount code: 5EEFGGIILP3 when prompted.

Alternatively, read on and we’ll go on to cover exactly what’s on offer within the fully featured free trial, and to Statistic Sports subscribers in our Statistics Sports review.

InPlay Scanner, Live Football Stats & Odds – At Statistic Sports

The Statistic Sports live football scores and stats scanner at first glance appears like a mission control for inplay football stats and inplay betting.  And that’s exactly what it is!

Statistic Sports - Live Football Stats Inplay Scanner
Statistic Sports – Live Football Stats InPlay Scanner. (Click, to enlarge image)

Their live score betting inplay dashboard can be fully configured as to which live match stats, and betting market attributes are on show, and in relation to their on screen layout.  The Statistic Sports football betting scanner is hooked up to a bookmaker’s odds API, so if you’re using a sports betting exchange, the odds available for the various football markets on display will be significantly better.

If you’re unsure about sports betting exchanges, check out our detailed article on the differences between betting exchanges and bookies, take a look at the promo signup and free bet codes available for exchanges.

While some of the inplay betting markets on the Statistic Sports inplay scanner may be available with betting exchanges, their live football scores and stats scanner is suited to bookmakers betting markets.  Sports betting exchange users may have a hard time filtering out which games are, and aren’t, available on the Betfair Exchange for example.

Statistic Sports - Inplay Stats Betting Strategy & Time Filtered
Statistic Sports – InPlay Stats Betting Strategy & Time Filtered. (Click, to enlarge image)

There is the option to highlight specific leagues however, the same option is available for specific matches and have them sorted to the top of the inplay stats scanner, or use the ‘live in list’ function to display these fixtures or leagues alone.

This can be done using the inplay scanners main interface or the Statistic Sports pre-match schedule tool, which may appease sports betting exchange users.

Included on the main Statistic Sports HUD, are options to display first or second half matches, and filter to one of the predefined football betting strategies.  In the previous image we’ve filtered the first half games where the underdog is ahead.  As such, these matches have a very high probability of a couple more goals.

We’ll go into more detail on football betting strategy and inplay football stats notifications in the following sections of this Statistic Sports review.

Statistics Sports main inplay football scanner page contains all the usual live match stats you would expect to see, and also displays the windrawwin 1X2 match odds, asian handicaps, and goal lines prices for each of the inplay games on display, there is also the option to add the next team goal market.

Their inplay football match stats scanners main heads up display includes options to add games to several different lists:

  • Bet On
  • Favourites

On the Statistic Sports side and top menus, both the ‘Bet On’ and ‘Favorited’ log their own lists for finished bets and finished favourite matches from users pre-match and inplay betting.  There is also a ‘Live in list’ function to display only live inplay matches which have been highlighted as ‘Bet On’ or ‘Favorited’.

This allows users to display just the games that had been highlighted, and also log and back check the results, including the option to view the live football scores and statistics inplay football stats for each finished game.  These can be viewed via the ‘Finished bets’ and ‘Finished favourites’ menu selectors.

Football Betting Strategy – Live Stats & Historical Data – At Statistic Sports

Statistic Sports live football stats scanner is also able to set unique match specific alerts configured to trigger only when certain live match stats or odds conditions have been met, these alerts are match specific and not part of the main inplay and pre-match football stats notification system or inplay scanners filters.

Statistic Sports - Specific Match Stats & Odds Alert
Statistic Sports – Specific Match, Stats & Odds Alert

Users are able to use this function from the pre-match schedule menu or the main inplay football stats scanner.  Any combination of odds, and other live match stats can be used to trigger a match specific alert.

During our Statistic Sports review we found that individual alerts configured like this do not count towards your inplay football stats notifications quota.  The custom live football stats notifications which can be applied to all matches, are configured via the main notification system and menus.

The Statistic Sports inplay match stats scanner page has several live football stats preset filters:

  • Even Score
  • Underdog Is Ahead
  • Dropping Odds
  • Late Overs
  • Underdog Is Performing Well
  • Strong Domination
  • Odds Dropped & Recovered

Users are able to select one or all of these filters on the inplay scanner to display only games which meet their inplay betting match stats criteria.

Also available to Statistic Sports users is the momentum filter which can be set in increments of five minutes, from 5 to 35 minutes.  There is also a ‘since last goal’ option.  What this momentum filter does is restrict the inplay football statistics on display on the main match stats scanner page to these specific time windows, or since the last goal, allowing users to see which games are most lively during any given period.

It’s also possible to enter your own custom time range, or filter the scanner just to display inplay games in the 1st half or 2nd half, with the additional option to reset inplay match stats to display 2nd half inplay game data only.  The custom time range filter even allows for extra time, most other inplay football scanners don’t offer this.

If there are significant changes within the live football stats, the inplay data metrics on the Statistic Sports inplay scanner also highlight in various configurable colours, to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Games can be sorted by any inplay match attribute, be that shots on target, corners, attacks, dangerous attacks, possession, or any other inplay football stats metric.

Statistic Sports - Live Match Stats Notifications Menu
Statistic Sports – Live InPlay Stats Notifications Menu. (Click, to enlarge image)

Unfortunately there is limited integration between Statistic Sports live score scanner’s preset filters, and personalised live football stats notifications, additional filters cannot be added to the scanners heads up display.

All custom notifications do however display in a popup, and are available within the live active notifications menu, and also as small inplay betting notifications on the inplay scanner interface along with the time they triggered.  Users are able to sort matches on the scanner which triggered a notification to the top.

Custom betting strategies notifications can be configured via the ‘Manage notifications’ menu.  These notifications can contain triggering criteria using any combination of live match stats.  For example, a notification could be set to trigger after a certain amount of shots and corners, within a specific time period, but only if a certain market’s odds are within a specified range.

Statistic Sports - Live Match Stats Notification Rules
Statistic Sports – Live Match Stats Notification Rules. (Click, to enlarge image)

On top of this, the Statistic Sports custom notification system is able to filter notifications using country, league, and competition attributes too.  All custom notifications can also be back tested using the Statistic Sports backtesting system, more on this later.

The lack of sports betting exchange integration shouldn’t put exchange users off, as Statistics Sports has a whole host of other features which when used correctly will prove extremely useful to any pre-match or inplay football bettor, and cannot be found elsewhere.  You’ll find details of these in the following sections of this Statistic Sports review.

Pre-Match Betting / Historic Football Data – At Statistic Sports

As mentioned in the above section of our Statistic Sports review there is a Match Schedule feature integrated, this lists games scheduled to appear on the live score betting scanner.  It’s fully filterable to show the exact games, or leagues you’re looking for.

The inplay scanner’s schedule goes from the ‘Next 24 hrs’ right back to ‘Next Week’ and has the ability to track pre-match bets, or set unique match specific notifications, and add notes.  Or favourite/highlight games to appear at the top of the Statistic Sports inplay scanner, once the match has started and inplay stats are available.

Statistic Sports - Inplay Stats & Historic Stats
Statistic Sports – InPlay Stats & Historic Stats. (Click, to enlarge image)

Full historic data is available for all games from the schedule menu and inplay scanner interface.  This data includes historic shots statistics history, including average shots per game, and inplay match stats detailing shots taken to score a goal.  Graphs are also available displaying average attacks, and dangerous attacks, for each team, on both a historic and inplay level.

Corner, and card match stats are available too. All this data is available on Statistic Sports via both the pre-match schedule and inplay interfaces, for the last 10 or 20 matches.  Or by date for the last 3, 6, 12, 18 months, or all time.

Statistic Sports - InPlay Stats & Historic Stats
Statistic Sports – InPlay Stats & Historic Stats. (Click, to enlarge image)

The resulting data is then able to be displayed on a per 5, 15 or 45 minute level.

You really need to get logged in to the Statistic Sports website and have a look around to see the wealth of features, historic and inplay football stats, and live match stats notifications they have available for subscribers.

Along with the pre-match betting and the live football stats scanner, there is a spreadsheet utility which records all custom notifications that have been triggered by live match stats.

Within individual inplay football strategy notification options, users of Statistic Sports are also able to set specific markets for each strategy which enables the spreadsheet to automatically fill the specific market the betting strategy was intended for, it’s odds, and settlement of that market.

This is all done automatically and in real time as the live football scores, and results come in.  The spreadsheet is fully filterable by betting strategy notification, league, country, or any of the other completed match stats attributes each betting notification contains on the spreadsheet.

Statistic Sports - Betting Strategy Notification Results Spreadsheet
Statistic Sports – Betting Strategy Notification, Results Spreadsheet. (Click, to enlarge image)

The Statistic Sports spreadsheet along with the above also displays the score when notification triggered, HT score, FT score, and odds when triggered.  As previously mentioned the betting strategy notifications result is calculated automatically, which includes the crucial details of the notifications profit or loss for that particular live match stats trigger.

As displayed in the screen shot, full results metrics are automatically calculated both for the full sheet.  Any filter the user wishes to add can be applied to any of the spreadsheets attribute columns, along with defining a specific date range.  On display are the totals for:

  • Staked: x
  • Profit: x
  • Yield: x

The Statistic Sports spreadsheet function allows users to fine tune their football betting strategies and notifications with ease.

More advanced users of the Statistic Sports spreadsheet may also like to take advantage of the betting strategy notification spreadsheets export function.  Spreadsheets can be exported for all betting notification results, or specific betting strategies.  All file formats are available to export the results in, Microsoft Office’s xlsx and xls, Open/LibreOffice ods formats, even html.

Exported spreadsheets can be used for any advanced betting strategy results analysis the user wishes to do.  Or for import into tools like The Staking Machine, to run staking strategy tests and simulations, to increase yield and profit even more.

Backtesting Football Results and Statistics – At Statistic Sports

Statistic Sports is the ONLY live football scores and stats inplay betting scanner service that offers a fully functional backtesting live match stats historic data facility.  Users are able to configure football betting strategies using the same interface as the live inplay notification strategy builder, and run back tests on them.

Any combination of inplay data statistics and metrics from specific time periods, or momentum windows can be used to configure betting strategies for backtesting or live match stats notifications.

The live match stats backtesting system has some limits however:

  • The top package at Statistic Sports offers a premium backtesting service within their Platinum live football stats service which will go back 50’000 games or up to 2 years, depending on which limit is reached first.
  • The Deluxe football strategies backtesting package at Statistic Sports offers half the volume of live match stats and inplay football data to run your live notifications against.  This being 25’000 games or 1 year, again, this depends on which limit is reached first.
Statistic Sports - Live Match Stats Backtesting Spreadsheet
Statistic Sports – Live Match Stats, Backtesting Spreadsheet. (Click, to enlarge image)

We put together a quick inplay betting strategy notification, to test the inplay match stats backtesting service out. We applied some very strict rules, and just covered a handful of countries and leagues.  Sure enough notifications popped up from well over 1 year ago, and with a 20% yield!

When the Statistic Sports backtesting tool is set up with a less scrupulous set of rules, it shouldn’t take too long to find live score betting strategies which are in double figures in their yield %, and with 5, 10 or more notifications per day, per betting strategy.

The possibilities created by using this tool are exceptional.  To quote Statistic Sports ‘This allows cutting the testing period from months to 20 minutes’.  Rather than waiting for notifications to fill your results database with bets and results, just hit the back test button.    During our Statistic Sports review, we found the live football scores and stats backtesting database utility to take more like 10 minutes!

Odds, results, yield, profit and all the other associated data is automatically populated into the backtesting spreadsheet.  And once again all results can be analysed and filtered within Statistic Sports online backtesting spreadsheet, to enhance the betting strategy notification in relation to yield and profit, even more.

Simply modify odds, leagues, countries or any other metric in order to increase the betting strategies productivity, then hit the backtest button again just to double check your live match stats betting strategy notification modifications were effective.

Once again, there is a spreadsheet export function for those wanting to run their own advanced results analysis on, or to import into 3rd party tools such as The Staking Machine, to run staking strategy tests and simulations, which will increase profit and yield even more.

Although Statistic Sports is a bookmaker’s live football stats and live score betting inplay scanner, which have multiples of the amount of markets you’ll find on sports betting exchanges, even the Betfair Exchange.  We’ve been running some tests on exchanges and so far the results look promising with the football match markets available.

The Statistics Sports live football stats backtesting system really needs to be used to be believed.  If you want to get involved right away, head over to the Statistic Sports website and take up their 7 days top package free trial.  Either click through one of our Statistic Sports links, or enter the discount code: 5EEFGGIILP3 for a discount should you choose to sign up.

Historical Football Data & Live Score Betting Alerts – At Statistic Sports

As mentioned in one of the previous sections of this Statistics Sports review, on the live inplay football scanner there are multiple preset filters.  Unfortunately these filters are unable to generate an alert, rather they must be highlighted within the inplay scanner to filter the matches on display down to one or all of the presets.

Statistic Sports - Live Football Stats Notifications & Alerts Page
Statistic Sports – Live Football Stats Notifications & Alerts Page. (Click, to enlarge image)

Inplay betting alerts or notifications will be generated for any currently active live football stats betting strategy.  All notifications are stored within the football betting strategy notification spreadsheet and also on the Statistic Sports websites notifications page.

Statistic Sports have all bases covered for live match inplay betting notifications.  No matter where you are, or what device you’re using, you’re custom live score betting notifications will be available:

  • Notification Manager HUD Pop Out
  • Inside Browser Notifications
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Mobile Notifications
  • Notification Spreadsheet

Depending on the Statistic Sports subscription package chosen there are limits on the amount of different football betting strategy alerts one can receive notifications for.  Users of the top Platinum package are able to create as many inplay football stats live notifications as they wish, only a certain amount can be active at any given time however.

Statistic Sports users are also able to modify the data sent within alerts.  All alerts obviously contain the specific betting strategies name, and current betting odds for the specified market, but within the inplay betting notifications management interface any combination of corners, shots on target, shots off target, shots (on + off), attacks, and dangerous attacks can be added to each specific football betting strategies notification.

Inplay live football stats notifications setup for individual games using either the match schedule, or live games inplay scanner, do not count towards these quotas.

Statistic Sports - Browser Live Match Stats Notifications
Statistic Sports – Web Browser, Live InPlay Betting Strategy Notifications. (Click, to enlarge image)

The Inplay match stats strategy alerts popup within web browsers along with an audible notification, desktop betting strategy notifications can also be enabled.  Users of the Android or Apple Statistic Sports apps will also get a notification there.

As pictured in a previous section of this Statistic Sports review, there’s also a full notification pop out menu on the live score scanner.

App Availability / Football Betting Bots – At Statistic Sports

Statistic Sports have apps available for both Android and Apple devices, be those tablets or iPhones, iPads or Android phones.

The apps basically contain the same live football stats features and functionality as the Statistic Sports website interface, the only difference being, you can take them on the go.  You’ll find a few differences so it’s best to see these apps as a mobile extension of the main website.

Statistic Sports - Live Match Stats, Android & Apple App
Statistic Sports – Live Match Stats, Android & Apple App. (Click, to enlarge image)

The Apple version is available on the Apple App Store, and for Android phone or tablet users the Android version is available at Google play.  Getting Statistic Sports up and running for when you’re out and about couldn’t be easier, for users who want to make sure they don’t miss a single live football score and stat alert.

Currently, Statistic Sports has no football betting bot integrations.  Theoretically however, the live football stats notifications could be used to trigger bets for betting bots.  This is something subscribers would have to set up and deal with themselves, as Statistic Sports doesn’t offer this service.

Additional Features or Services – At Statistic Sports

There is a user forum available at Statistic Sports, it’s not the most used forum you’ll find online but there is some good discussion on football betting strategy and live score betting, along with a section providing details and conversation about Statistics Sports various features and functions.

Statistic Sports has a live football betting eBook available, you can download it from the bottom menu on the site’s homepage for free.  It’s well worth a download and contains sections on inplay betting record keeping, staking, and starting out with betting on live football stats.

More in depth information is also included on researching teams effectively before placing any bets, useful techniques to use when betting on lower leagues, reading odds appropriately, understanding Asian handicap markets, value betting, trend spotting and analysis.  Along with how to effectively read league tables, bankroll management, and making full use of all the live football statistics available.

Price / Subscription / Support – At Statistic Sports

With a Lite, Deluxe, and Platinum package available, Statistic Sports have something available to suit all budgets and requirements.  Regardless of whether you’re a highly experienced live football scores and stats bettor, or starting out at gambling on live match stats, one of these packages should suit, both in terms of features and cost.

The Statistic Sports website hosts a full coverage help centre, live chat support, Facebook group, and additional tutorials on usage of their inplay betting live score scanner.  We found however that their website, interfaces, and features are so well laid out and organised that most users should be able to lock in to Statistic Sports live match stats betting mission control, without too much difficulty at all!

That’s the end of our Statistic Sports review, we hope you get signed up and not only see for yourselves what they have on offer, but also make full use of the wealth of tools and features they have available for live score betting and trading with live match stats.  Some of the features and functionality on offer at Statistic Sports will not be found anywhere else online.

If you head over to the Statistic Sports website they have an all access included, 7 full days PLATINUM PACKAGE free trial.  For an additional discount either click through one of our Statistic Sports links, or enter the code: 5EEFGGIILP3 should you choose to sign up. – InplayTrading Review

We’ve left the InplayTrading review until the end of our football trading & live football scores and stats betting services reviews, as the functionality of the pre-match and inplay betting services they offer covers a bit of everything.  What InplayTrading offer subscribers can be summarised as follows:

  • Betfair Exchange Inplay Betting Scanner
  • Bookmakers Live Football Stats Scanner
  • Pre-Match Football Trading Tools
  • Football Betting Trading Strategies & Tools
  • Football Betting Bot Integrations

We already have a full InplayTrading review available to read on TheBetMatrix.Win

Details of all of the pre-match betting, inplay trading, and automated football betting bot services and integrations available with IPT can be found in our complete InplayTrading review.  To sign up right away, InplayTrading has an exclusive £1 for 7 days live football stats scanner trial deal for TheBetMatrix.Win readers.

If you’re wanting to get involved with automated betting using live football scores, stats and live match data.  Head over to our betting bots category page, which contains details on football betting bots.

BetBugler’s Premium Football Tips via Telegram

As we mentioned at the start of this pre-match and inplay football scanners article, there are existing Telegram channels available for subscription with up to a 2 week free trial for new users. At BetBugler’s Premium Football Tips, the tips provided are already highly profiled, profitable, and ready for immediate use.

While you’re setting up inplay scanners with your own betting strategies, these tips are a great way to place some winning bets right away, during the time users of football scanners are still fine tuning and testing your own inplay alerts. So be sure to check out BetBugler’s Telegram Tips channel, and at least make use of the free trial period!

Summary – Live Football Scores and Stats Scanners & InPlay Trading:

Perhaps it’s time to stop scouring the internet for football betting predictions and tipsters?  With the services we’ve covered in our live football stats scanners reviews, there’s nothing to stop you from generating your own daily football tips, predictions and alerts from live match stats, and pre-match statistics.

A brief rundown on what we’ve covered in the various live football stats services reviews can be outlined as follows:

InPlay Football Betting & InPlay Stats Scanners

Inplay Live Match Stats Betting & Alerts are available from InPlayGuru, InplayTrading, and Statistic Sports. All offer slightly different functionality and services, and some are more suited to sports betting exchanges than bookmakers and vice versa.  But there’s one thing they all have in common, they’re designed to give subscribers an edge in inplay football betting.

InPlay Trading With Live Football Stats & Pre-Match Trading

Pre-Match and Inplay Trading can basically be narrowed down to Goal Profits, and the suite of services they have on offer for traders.

InplayTrading do however offer additional services on top of the live football scores and stats scanners, available for both sports betting exchanges and bookmakers.  They have several tools and betting strategies available for pre-match and inplay traders to use alongside the inplay scanners.

Football Betting Bot Automation, Using Live Football Stats

In relation to betting automation using live football stats and football betting bots, InplayTrading offers the only real solution in combination with the Soccer Supervisor 2 football betting bot.

If you’re still unsure which is most suitable for you after reading our live score betting reviews of these live football scores and stats services, make use of their free trials.

InPlayGuru – 100% FREE TIER

Goal Profits – £1 for 14 days trial

InplayTrading – £1 for 7 days trial

Statistic Sports – 7 Day FREE TRIAL

For the best odds when using any of these live score betting services, be sure to check out our sports betting exchanges reviews.

Good luck with your personalised football tips, predictions, and inplay trading!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are inplay football scanners?

Inplay football scanners provide users with a multi-match HUD (heads up display) containing all the most followed inplay football stats in a single, easy to monitor interface. This allows football bettors to pick out great betting opportunities at a glance.

What is inplay football betting?

Inplay football betting allows bettors to make wagers once a football match is underway, or has gone ‘inplay’. As a match unfolds the odds on offer will gradually increase, providing the opportunity to place better value bets.

Why use an inplay scanner for betting?

Football scanners offer a multi match heads up display, which can be sorted by specific inplay football statistics or custom match statistics criteria. This enables users to quickly identify high value betting opportunities at a glimpse.