InPlayGuru is one of the most popular football scanners, and betting strategy creation websites online. As users are spoilt for choice with the array of inplay statistics and pre-match stats available to create profitable football betting strategies, a lot users are left searching for InPlayGuru strategies.

In this article we aim to provide an overview on what it takes to put together good football betting strategies, for use with inplay scanners. 

We’ll cover the basics like how to calculate performance of InPlayGuru strategies, the various inplay stats and pre-match stat variables which can be used, and once a football betting strategy has been put together, how to optimise it for the best possible betting results performance.

If you’re looking for the blueprints to profitable football betting strategies you’ll likely be searching for a long time, as the developers of these strategies will keep the exact criteria a closely guarded secret. However, by the time you’ve read over this article there’s nothing to stop you moving into the development phase of making your own profitable InPlayGuru strategies.

Anyone looking for a shortcut in the interim, may find Telegram channels like the BetBugler’s Premium Football Tips a viable solution to receive profitable tips in real time via Telegram. It’s a great idea to have some pretested, and profitable tips available while you’re developing your own profitable football betting strategies.

What Makes a Good InPlayGuru Strategy for Both Pre-match & Inplay Betting?

A football scanner’s strategies performance can be measured using the following metrics, derived from a strategies betting results.  We’ll get into the football statistics side of things later, but initially it’s important to understand the measurement of betting performance.

Here’s a list of what to look at in your InPlayGuru strategies, which we’ll follow with an explanation of each of these football betting strategy measurement metrics.

  • Strike Rate
  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • ROC (Return on Capital)
  • Odds
  • Volume of Bets
  • Time of Bets
  • Staking

Strike Rate Percentage %: 

The strike rate is the rate at which betting tips win, calculated as a percentage. For example, if a betting system places 100 bets, and 65 win this betting system would have a strike rate of 65%. The formula for calculation is simple:

Number of winning bets (w), divided by the number of bets (b), multiplied by 100. So (w/b)*100 = The strike rate percentage %.

A good strike rate is completely dependent on the InPlayGuru strategy’s average betting odds. Higher odds bets can obviously have a lower strike rate to be profitable, while the opposite is true for betting strategies using lower odds ranges. So it’s impossible to say what a ‘good’ strike rate generally is.

ROI % (Return On Investment Percentage): 

Again, calculated as a percentage. The ROI %, or return on investment of a betting system is the profit or loss from a sports betting system, calculated as a percent applied to the cost of the investment, or amount bet. The ROI % can be calculated as follows:

Total gain or loss (g), divided by the amount bet (a), multiplied by 100. So (g/a)*100 = The betting strategies return on investment, or ROI percentage %.

Any InPlayGuru betting strategy with a ROI of 5%-10% is classed as very good!

ROC % (Return On Capital Percent): 

Some might say that the return on capital, provided it’s by some degree consistent month on month, and year on year to be as important as, or more important than any individual betting systems ROI. This makes sense, as most gamblers will be making use of multiple betting strategies at any given time.

ROC % or return on capital is the return, once more expressed as a percentage, on the bettor’s total betting bank or bankroll. A betting bank or bankroll is the amount of money that a bettor has set aside, to be exclusively used for gambling. This should always be a figure that the gambler can comfortably afford to lose. The ROC % can be calculated as follows:

Total gain or loss (g), divided by the betting bank, or capital (b), multiplied by 100. So (b/a)*100 = The betting strategies return on capital, or ROC percent %.


The odds bet at play a pivotal role in creating a profitable InPlayGuru strategy. Pre-match betting strategies with historical team performance metrics, and match statistics must be found that find odds values which are better than a fixture’s expected outcome. This is required in order to find value bets, which will leave you in profit.

The same can be said whilst creating strategies with InPlayGuru for inplay betting, value bets are found when the odds on offer are greater than the currently expected chance of any given betting markets outcome.

Whether using inplay statistics, pre-match statistics, or a combination of both, InPlayGuru strategies must have a high enough strike rate in comparison to the average odds of the betting strategy in order to achieve a positive ROI % for any pre-match or inplay scanner strategy. 

Volume of Bets: 

Something which needs to be considered with any InPlayGuru strategy is the volume of bets the statistical pre-match and inplay stats filters are actually triggering. One hundred bets a day with an ROI % of 0.05% is going to be extremely difficult to place bets on to achieve any reasonable return on your betting capital.

As such, most users of the InPlayGuru football stats scanner look for a lower betting volume with a higher ROI % across multiple InPlayGuru strategies, which can then all be bet on in combination when inplay alerts are triggered. Thus providing a lower volume of bets, with a higher return on investment % and ROC return on capital %.

Time of Bets: 

The time of bets whilst creating inplay and pre-match betting strategies is incredibly important.  You may find a set of inplay alerts filters which also use historical match data metrics that perform particularly well on Asian, Australian or South American football matches.  

While the InPlayGuru football scanner will log bets, and their results, if this doesn’t suit your individual availability to place bets, because you’re located in Europe. These matches may likely fall out of your time preferences, so they’re not going to be much use. 

It’s much easier for InPlayGuru users in the continents from the initial paragraph to avoid this problem, as most betting markets are either within their own time zone, or are in the morning or evening after taking time zone differences into account.

Regardless of where you’re located you need not fear though, as InplayGuru Strategies can be applied to over +1000 worldwide leagues. It’s just a case of getting pre-match and inplay alerts configured to suit your own individual preferences.


In betting there is always a risk of ruin, or blowing your bankroll. Staking strategies are available to maximise profit, and also to minimise risk.  Higher odds with lower strike rate, stake less, lower odds with a higher strike rate, stake more? 

This is a mathematical conundrum which has been looked at since betting first began, some of the world’s best mathematicians have created betting models and staking algorithms in order to achieve the best possible results.

There are dozens of different staking plans. For anyone planning on using staking, the best place to start is a piece of software called The Staking Machine or TSM for short. 

This software is able to do amazing things with your InPlayGuru strategy results, once exported in spreadsheet format. The Staking Machine also allows users to create sample datasets to test against their 70+ staking algorithms, alongside many other features that will not be found in any other betting software.

We have a full The Staking Machine review, explaining in much more depth what this betting software is fully capable of doing, with your inplay scanner strategies results data.

Statistical Variables, Football Stats Filters for InPlay Scanner Strategies

Using the same format as above, we’ll take a look at inplay football statistical metrics, along with historical performance results and metrics. We’ll also cover further football stats filters, which can be applied to your InPlayGuru strategies.

  • Timing of bets
  • Betting Odds
  • Inplay Statistics
  • Historical Pre-Match Performance
  • Historical Statistics
  • Betting Markets
  • Leagues
  • Competitions

While there are limits to the football stats filters, odds filters, league and competition filters etc which can be applied by InPlayGuru users to the main inplay football scanner heads up display, this certainly isn’t the case within their pre-match and inplay scanner strategies interface.

It’s probably a good idea to get to grips with the inplay scanner interface, and all the football statistics it contains before moving on to creating auto-striking (automatic bet settlement) football scanner betting strategies.

Following on, here’s a breakdown of all the betting stats, historical stats and additional football stats filters which can be utilised in your inplay football scanner strategies.

Timing of Bets:  Pre-Match, Specific Time Window, 1st Half, 2nd Half

Probably the first thing to consider when creating inplay betting strategies is the timing of your bets, with pre-match betting strategies the bet will usually be placed before kick off. If pre-match or inplay alerts are set up for pre-match strategies a notification will be received 15 minutes to 2 hours before the match starts.

InPlayGuru strategies can be fine tuned to trigger bets at any point during the game, a specific minute can be used, or a specified match time window. During which, some inplay stats conditions may have been met which would trigger an inplay strategy bet and inplay alert.

Alternatively, creators of InPlayGuru strategies can use the option to trigger their inplay scanner strategies during only the first or second half of an inplay match.

In summary, users of the InPlayGuru scanner can trigger bets and inplay alerts at any point or time window during a match.  So regardless of what you’re looking for, be that early goals, late corners, etc this is all possible within the InPlayGuru strategy builder system.

Betting Odds: Available Markets, Pre-Match & Inplay Odds

InPlayGuru strategies are able to use odds from an array of the most popular football betting markets. Odds obviously differ from market to market, and depending on the odds ranges, or set odds used when creating betting strategies, these will have an effect on whether strategy bets are triggered or not.

While pre-match odds are static, as a set odds value is logged before matches go inplay. Inplay odds will fluctuate during the course of a match. This will happen with time decay, and when match events occur, such as goals, red cards, high team attacking pressure, etc.

The betting markets and odds available to InPlayGuru strategy creators are as follows:

  • 1X2 WinDrawWin Home/Draw/Away
  • 1X2 Half Time Result
  • Match Goals – Over/Under 0.5 through to Over/Under 8.5
  • First Half Goals – Over/Under 0.5 through to Over/Under 5.5
  • BTTS Both Teams to Score – Match, 1st Half, 2nd Half
  • Corners – Over/Under 0.5 through to Over/Under 25
  • First Half Corners – Over/Under 0.5 through to Over/Under 15
  • Asian Handicap Overs Unders for Goals and Corners

More markets are regularly added

All of the above odds and markets have values available to create betting strategies with, as both pre-match odds and inplay odds.  These odds can have a multitude of mathematical functions applied to them, which will decide if a pre-match or inplay alert and football scanner strategy bet is triggered or not.

Inplay Statistics: Football Stats Filters for InPlayGuru Strategies

InPlayGuru and most other pre-match and inplay scanners host the following live match stats for users to trigger inplay alerts with, and football scanner strategy bets. We’ll go into a little more detail on exactly how these live betting statistics can be used later in this section.

  • Match Timer
  • Goals
  • Minutes Since Last Goal
  • Momentum Indicator
  • xG (expected Goals)
  • Shots On Target / Shots Off Target / Total Shots
  • Corners
  • Attacks / Dangerous Attacks
  • Ball Possession (%)
  • Passing Accuracy (%) / Crossing Accuracy (%)
  • Red Cards / Yellow Cards
  • Penalties
  • Substitutions
  • Fouls / Free Kicks / Injuries
  • Saves
  • Betting Exchange Markets Matched Amounts

Home & Away team match stats are available for all inplay statistical metrics mentioned above, other than the statistics and metrics which are constants across both teams, such as the current match minute.

Inplay statistics filters can be applied to both teams, the home or away team, favourite, underdog, winning or losing side, and any combination of these. While this may seem like a live betting statistics jigsaw puzzle, it is possible to create profitable football scanner strategies using just a handful of football stats filters.

Football stats filter comparators are available to InPlayGuru strategy creators. As such each team’s performance in relation to any of the inplay football stats metrics we mentioned above, can be measured against each other, or a specific user defined inplay statistic value.

Football stats filter comparators available on football scanners are as follows:

≥ – Greater than or equal to

≤ – Less than or equal to

= – Equal to

> – Greater than

< – Less than

≠ – Not equal

InPlayGuru Strategies Tool
InPlayGuru Strategies Tool. (Click, to enlarge image)

Inplay bettors are spoilt for choice with the amount of football statistics which can be used to create a winning inplay betting strategy. With some patience and testing, most football scanner users should be able to have some winning football betting strategies running, and triggering inplay alerts.

Historical: Pre-Match Statistics Filters & Measurement for InPlayGuru Strategies

In addition to the inplay statistics filters available for InPlayGuru strategy creators, there is a series of over 400 historical team performance, match results stats, and other historical match metrics that can be applied to football scanner strategies. They are as follows:

  • League Position
  • Average Match Goals / Average Goals Scored / Average Goals Conceded
  • Average 1st Half Goals / Average 2nd Half Goals
  • Match Win % / Draw % / Loss %
  • Half Time Win % / Draw % / Loss %
  • 2nd Half Win % / Draw % / Loss %
  • BTTS % / Half time BTTS %
  • Clean Sheet % / Failed to Score %
  • Match Goals Scored, Conceded / 1st Half Goals Scored, Conceded / 2nd Half Goals Scored, Conceded
  • Match Goals Overs Unders / 1st Half Goals Overs Unders / 2nd Half Goals Overs Unders
  • Average Shots On Target / Off Target / Total Shots
  • Average Match Corners / Average 1st Half Corners / Average 2nd Half Corners

These pre-match performance statistics are available in the form of:

  • Sum of Teams (Total)
  • Home / Away
  • For / Against
  • Head To Head
  • Last 5 matches / Last 10 Matches

And with any combination of all of the above. In total there are almost 400 different pre-match stats filters which can then be further filtered by their unique percentage value from 1000+ worldwide leagues.

These historical match stats can then be further narrowed down as with the inplay statistics we mentioned earlier, adding these additional historic stats filters:

  • Favourite
  • Favourite Playing at Home / Favourite Playing Away
  • Underdog
  • Underdog Playing at Home / Underdog Playing Away
  • Winning Team
  • Losing Team

If using pre-match odds and statistics for InPlayGuru betting strategies alone, betting alerts will be generated 15 minutes to 2hrs before the scheduled kick off time.

The possibilities for InPlayGuru strategy creation really are limitless, with billions, even trillions of possible football stats filter combinations available for users to generate betting alerts with.

Betting Markets: What Will the Inplay Scanner Strategy Bet On?

While some of the betting markets available on bookmakers and sports betting exchange websites aren’t available, the most important and popular ones are. The betting markets available to inplay scanner strategy creators, vary between the various football scanners available online.

Users can currently build InPlayGuru strategies, including their auto-striking (automatic betting strategy results settlement for analysis) feature using the following football betting markets:

  • 1X2, Home/Draw/Away, WinDrawWin, Match Odds
  • Half time – 1X2, Home/Draw/Away Odds
  • Goals Overs Unders – From 0.5 through to 8.5
  • Home Goals / Away Goals Over Unders – From 0.5 through to 3.5
  • 1st Half Goals Overs Unders – From 0.5 through to 5.5
  • 1st Half Home Goals / Away Goals Overs Unders – From 0.5 through to 3.5
  • 2nd Half Goals Overs Unders – From 0.5 through to 5.5
  • 2nd Half Home Goals / Away Goals Overs Unders – From 0.5 through to 3.5
  • BTTS Both Teams To Score
  • 1st Half BTTS Both Teams to Score / 2nd Half BTTS Both Teams to Score
  • Match Odds 1X2 & BTTS
  • Double Chance – 12, 1X, 2X
  • Next Goal – Home/Away
  • Cards Overs Unders – From 0.5 through to 6.5
  • 1st / 2nd Half Cards Overs Unders – From 0.5 through to 6.5
  • Corners Overs Unders – From 0.5 through to 25.0
  • 1st / 2nd Half Corners Overs Unders – From 0.5 through to 15.0
  • Most Goals, Most Corners, Most Cards – Full time, 1st Half, 2nd Half

New betting markets are constantly being added.

All these betting markets have odds values for both pre-match, and inplay odds available too for InPlayGuru strategy creators. When using pre-match stats and odds in betting strategies alone without any inplay football statistics, pre-match betting alerts will be generated 15 minutes to 2hrs before kick off.

And don’t forget, all your football scanner strategies will be auto-striked (automatically settled) against the above betting markets, without you having to lift a finger!

Countries, Leagues, Competitions Filters: 

As we already mentioned several times in this InPlayGuru betting strategy creation article, there are over +1000 competitions and leagues available to apply inplay and pre-match statistical filters within  your football scanner strategies.

Betting strategies will work better with some countries, leagues and competitions than others. The criteria for which leagues and competitions a strategy is betting on, can easily be filtered within the InPlayGuru strategy creation tool.

We’ll provide some tips on how to optimise both pre-match and inplay betting strategies later on in the optimisation section of this article.

Preset Rules Available for Inplay Scanner Strategy Creators:

Available within the InPlayGuru strategy creation tool are some preset rules which can be added to betting strategies with a couple of clicks, these rules can be combined with any other live betting statistics or pre-match football stats filter in a matter of seconds. 

——– Timer ——–

  • Match past minute 60:00
  • Match before minute 80:00

——– Odds ——–

  • One Team is Super Favorite

——– Goals ——–

  • Match in a draw
  • Any team winning by margin of 1 or 2 goals
  • Favourite team losing at home
  • Clean Sheet
  • Even number of goals
  • 0-0 at Half Time
  • Goal between minutes 20:00 and 30:00
  • Underdog is winning

——– Attacks / Shots ——–

  • 10+ Shots in total
  • Over 50% of team Attacks are Dangerous
  • Avg 1 Dangerous Attack per minute in past 10
  • Twice the Dangerous Attacks of other team
  • Team has 60% of all Attacks
  • High attacking pressure
  • Slow match

——– Corners ——–

  • 5+ Corners during 1st Half
  • Late corner

Using the above preset inplay scanner rules is a great way to tune up your custom inplay football betting tips, any combination of the above can be used to create InPlayGuru strategies.

These preset rules have been handpicked by InPlayGuru’s in-house pro’s to offer inplay betting strategy trigger creators a quick and easy way to get some performing football betting strategy tips flowing quickly, and to optimise your existing inplay scanner strategies.

Preset InPlayGuru Strategies Football Stats Filters

For any subscribers a little overwhelmed by the idea of putting together inplay betting strategies there are full preset strategies available.  While it’s unlikely you’ll find any of these highly profitable while using the inplay scanner, they’re a great way to get started and triggering some bets with the result automatically settled on any betting market users desire.

The inplay scanner strategies included with InPlayGuru are as follows:

  • Both Teams to Score – BTTS (Favorite conceded first)
  • Over 0.5 Goals Half Time (HT)
  • High Pressure for Goal (2nd Half)
  • Over 1.5 Goals / Early Goal
  • Over 0.5 Full Time (FT)
  • Over 1.5 in second half
  • Goal in second half
  • Losing team pushing hard
  • Super favourite 0-0 at 75′
  • Super favourite conceded goal in first half
InPlayGuru Preset Inplay Scanner Strategies
InPlayGuru Preset Inplay Scanner Strategies. (Click, to enlarge image)


They can all have additional rules added, or some of the existing football stats filters deleted to get new users of the football scanner off the starting blocks. And by the look of some of these inplay scanner strategies, some may take only a few minor tweaks to get them into a good positive ROI%!

InPlayGuru Inplay Scanner Strategy Optimisation

The measurement metrics we provided at the start of this article like ROI% return on investment, ROC% return on capital, etc are the best way to measure your InPlayGuru strategies performance. And with this measurement you can begin to optimise your football scanner strategies.

While InPlayGuru does offer users the ability to filter performance down to leagues and competitions, users need to be downloading the historical results data from the InPlayGuru site and analysing in spreadsheet format or with 3rd party tools.  Not only to analyse results, but also to help improve the pre-match and inplay football stats filters in use within betting strategies.

InPlayGuru Football Scanner Alert Spreadsheet
InPlayGuru Football Scanner Alert Spreadsheet. (Click, to enlarge image)

The spreadsheet includes all the inplay football match stats which triggered the inplay scanner bet, and the same metrics for football scanner strategies using pre-match stats filters alone. The inplay stats include everything which unfolded during the match, such as the momentum indicator value, shots values, goal times, pre-match and live inplay odds, plus everything else.

InPlayGuru users not wanting to take the spreadsheet route, can look through the football scanners auto-striked betting strategy results on an individual bet triggers basis. A stats snapshot table is available for when the inplay alert was generated. Also included with each InPlayGuru strategy trigger are half time stats, full time stats, plus odds and momentum graphs for the entire match, and also a copy of the same pre-match stats table which was available on the main inplay scanner interface while the match was inplay.

InPlayGuru Inplay Alert Statistics
InPlayGuru Inplay Alert Statistics. (Click, to enlarge image)

These scanner strategy match statistics spreadsheets and onsite auto-striked results stats really are invaluable for the optimisation of betting strategies, and the generation of ideas for new football scanner strategies.

Quality or Quantity:

The best InPlayGuru strategies are not created in a matter of weeks or months but over a longer period where it is possible to drill down the quantity of inplay and pre-match bets to only higher quality bets with a better strike rate, this cannot be done overnight.

While it is possible to sift through all pre-match and inplay alerts generated by a scanner strategy on the website itself, and optimise betting in this manner. It’s much easier to do using the InPlayGuru generated spreadsheets available for each scanner betting strategy which contain around 100 rows of match stats and data. 

Desired Outcome / Auto-Striking:

Since InPlayGuru has an auto-striking bet settlement mechanism there is no need to record your InPlayGuru strategy results yourself, they’re all logged along with their results, and the odds the bets were placed at completely automatically.

InPlayGuru Strategy History
InPlayGuru Strategy History. (Click, to enlarge image)

The odds these bets were placed at were in the range of 2.4 to 3.6 which is all viewable within each inplay alerts statistics, or via the export spreadsheet function. The fair odds value for a 56% strike rate as displayed is 1.786 so these bets provided a massive ROI%!

Statistical Software and Websites:

Rather than guessing the various pre-match and inplay statistical metric values to use within betting strategies, there are software packages and websites available which will help users take the guesswork out of InPlayGuru strategy creation.

CGMBet’s football statistics software comes highly recommended and is available as a free trial for users to get to grips with the interface, and vast amounts of historical football data available within the software. Or if you’re looking for a website version containing advanced football statistics, perhaps the highly rated stats, form and results analysis site.

Results Analysis, Trial and Error:

As the betting strategy results data gained by the InPlayGuru strategy creation tool kind of speaks for itself, the overall optimisation of these betting strategies takes patience, and a lot of trial and error testing. 

While you can take a lot of guesswork out of creating profitable betting strategies, by looking up match and team performance statistics, with tools like the ones we suggested in the previous section. Real betting strategy results cannot be achieved until you are running live, generating data, and analysing your results!

Conclusion & Alternatives to Creating InPlay Scanner Strategies

We’ve mentioned several times during this article, successful and profitable betting strategies won’t be created overnight, nor will those who have them be providing blueprints for all to use. It will take time, patience, analysis, trial and error to find profitable InPlayGuru betting strategies.

Detailed in this inplay scanner strategies article is everything users need to set up the best InPlayGuru strategy, for their desired style of betting. InPlayGuru’s preset football scanner strategies are a great way to get started.

While users are testing new football betting strategies on the InPlayGuru pre-match and inplay football scanner, we can recommend BetBugler’s Premium Football Tips Telegram channel to start getting some profitable bets on, right away.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, and take all factors into account during the creation of your InPlayGuru strategies. There’s nothing to stop users of InPlayGuru from finding their own custom betting strategies, and generating custom pre-match and inplay football betting tips!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the strike rate % in betting?

The strike rate is the number of winning bets expressed as a percent. If 100 bets are placed, and 75 win, the strike rate is 75%. Here’s the formula used to calculate this:

Number of winning bets (w), divided by the number of bets (b), multiplied by 100. So (w/b)*100 = The strike rate percentage %.

What is the ROI % (Return On Investment) in betting?

The ROI % or return on investment, is the profit or loss from bets, applied to the total amount bet. Calculation of the ROI % is as follows:

Total gain or loss (g), divided by the amount bet (a), multiplied by 100. So (g/a)*100 = The return on investment percent, or ROI %.

What is the ROC % (Return On Capital) in betting?

This is the return percent from bets, applied to a bettor’s total betting bank. A betting bank is money set aside, to be exclusively used for gambling. The ROC % can be calculated as follows:

Total gain or loss (g), divided by the betting bank, or capital (b), multiplied by 100. So (b/a)*100 = The betting strategies return on capital, or ROC percent %.